We have aWide range Of Products

Posho Mills

Our Posho mills are:

1.      Sturdy and durable

2.      Easy to operate and maintain. .

3.      Outputs will range between 10 – 12 bags per hour.

Run on Either diesel or electricity


The huller cleans and removes the skin of the grain and as a result the end hulled product produces (after milling, of course) very clean Grade 1 flour.

These machines can run on both single and 3-phase power or on a Diesel engine, depending on customer preference.


Our maize shellers are compact, highly efficient machines that come in both mobile and stationary versions. They are able to shell and thresh a variety of grains and legumes they vary in the capacity from 50 bags/day to 700 bags/day.

The maize shellers are available in 3 types:



Chaff cutter machines are a gem to  livestock farmers throughout the country, as an essential farm tool . We stock durable, easy to maintain and efficient chaff cutters, that are either two bladed or three bladed chaff-cutters either powered by

  • Manual power
  • Electricity
  • Gasoline